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Convert TMS tiles to XYZ for D3js

When I was working with D3js, I was searching on how to use TMS tiles made in Qgis with If you want to generate XYZ tiles, you can use the fork of made by Cayle Sharrock Default XYZ system is d[2] (zoom level), then d[0] (column), then d[1] (line), which gives :

30 November 2017 0

HTML and CSS lego icons have a new friend : Javascript !

I was¬†building my new courses in web development for Master SIGMA¬†when I found some really nice illustrations explaining the role of HTML and CSS. But something was missing : Javascript ! I don’t manage to find the original author of these lego icons, but if you do, please comment. Now, here’s the javascript animated lego…
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13 October 2017 0