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Spatial and temporal accuracy of tree species mapping with Satellite Image Time Series

After several years of work, we are proud with my advisors to publish our paper about the tree species mapping using nine one-year Satellite Image Time Series from the Formosat-2 sensor. 🥂 📖 Read the article directly on Remote Sensing journal. 📎 Our main contributions can be synthesized as follows Spatial autocorrelation in the dataset…
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8 February 2020 1

Who uses the dzetsaka QGIS plugin ? A brief inventory

I identified about 24 works, including 8 in peer-reviewed journals, that use the dzetsaka classification plugin. When I made this plugin, it was only to reproduce my work at the Guiana Amazonian Park. I didn’t expect it would be so much used and have so many downloads (about 55k today !). I think must thank…
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17 December 2019 0