Author: Nicolas Karasiak

Spatial and temporal accuracy of tree species mapping with Satellite Image Time Series

After several years of work, we are proud with my advisors to publish our paper about the tree species mapping using nine one-year Satellite Image Time Series from the Formosat-2 sensor. 🥂 📖 Read the article directly on Remote Sensing journal. 📎 Our main contributions can be synthesized as follows Spatial autocorrelation in the dataset…
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8 February 2020 1

Who uses the dzetsaka QGIS plugin ? A brief inventory

I identified about 24 works, including 8 in peer-reviewed journals, that use the dzetsaka classification plugin. When I made this plugin, it was only to reproduce my work at the Guiana Amazonian Park. I didn’t expect it would be so much used and have so many downloads (about 55k today !). I think must thank…
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17 December 2019 0

🏆 3 rewards including a first prize for my participation in Sentinel-Hub contest !

Sentinel-hub Playground is a wonderful tool to explore Sentinel images. I really appreciate its capability to deal with the temporal information, but custom scripts using temporal information are rare. Getting an image every 5 days allow to do wonderful things, such as having computed cloud free images in places where there is too much clouds…
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16 May 2019 0
qgis start screen

Dzetsaka, classification plugin, is now available on Qgis 3

Thanks to the amazing work of Qgis 3 contributors, Qgis 3 is now here and it’s awesome ! I manage to have a few days free to migrate dzetsaka to python 3 and to PyQt5, so dzetsaka is now available on the plugin repository.

4 March 2018 1

Chapter in QGIS and Applications in Agriculture and Forest book

I’m glad to share with you my first publication of a chapter with Pauline Perbet. According to Nicolas Bagdhadi who edited with Clément Mallet and Mehrez Zribi theses new series of books  “QGIS in remote sensing”, these 4 volumes “aim to facilitate the appropriation and operational use of the Quantum Geographic Information System (QGIS) software…
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24 January 2018 0

Convert TMS tiles to XYZ for D3js

When I was working with D3js, I was searching on how to use TMS tiles made in Qgis with If you want to generate XYZ tiles, you can use the fork of made by Cayle Sharrock Default XYZ system is d[2] (zoom level), then d[0] (column), then d[1] (line), which gives :

30 November 2017 0

Historical Map Process into dzetsaka (Qgis)

Historical Map was my first plugin (thanks to Mathieu Fauvel). This plugin, which is almost deprecated now, allows the user to map forests from french general staff maps. But, as this plugin is very specific, I needed to develop a global tool for classification, which can handle simple classification, and post-treatment (like the Historical Map…
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12 November 2017 0

HTML and CSS lego icons have a new friend : Javascript !

I was building my new courses in web development for Master SIGMA when I found some really nice illustrations explaining the role of HTML and CSS. But something was missing : Javascript ! I don’t manage to find the original author of these lego icons, but if you do, please comment. Now, here’s the javascript animated lego…
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13 October 2017 0

Compiling OTB SuperBuild with Monteverdi and Remote Modules (Ubuntu 16.04)

Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) is an amazing tool for remote sensing. Some modules are not included in the distribution because they are produced by external users, but some of them are really interesting.

23 November 2016 0

Get ROI values from raster and combine all CSV (remote sensing statistics with R)

EDIT in 2018 : More than two years later after this post, I just discover it back and realize how crazy I was to use R for Remote Sensing and for extracting ROI. I really suggest you to use Python or Orfeo Tool Box (Sample Extraction) to do this thing, and really not R !…
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21 May 2016 0