My name is Nicolas Karasiak and I’m a PhD student in geomatics.

I was born in Monaco on april 22, 1987. After my first bachelor’s degree in webmarketing, I decided to go back to school and to learn geography, especially geomatics.

After 4 years studying geography at Toulouse (UT2J), I’ve done a master’s degree in geomatics called SIGMA in Toulouse (ENSAT/UT2J) and I’m now a PhD student at Dynafor lab to study the contribution of dense satellite image time series (SITS) in the identification of tree species.

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I also write under the name of Nicola├» Van Lennepkade on I choose this name in tribute to Jacob Van Lennepkade song by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. In Dutch kade means pier, so the real name was in fact Jacob Van Lennep, but Jacob Van Lennepkade is a beautiful district I had to chance to visit in Amsterdam.

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