Teaching / Publications



Karasiak, Perbet (2018). Remote Sensing of Distinctive Vegetation in Guiana Amazonian Park. In: QGIS and Applications in Agriculture and Forest (p. 215-245). Nicolas Baghdadi, Clément Mallet, Mehrez Zribi.
DOI : 10.1002/9781119457107.ch7

Conference chapter

Karasiak, Sheeren, Fauvel, Willm, Dejoux and Monteil, “Mapping tree species of forests in southwest France using Sentinel-2 image time series,” 2017 9th International Workshop on the Analysis of Multitemporal Remote Sensing Images (MultiTemp), Brugge, 2017, pp. 1-4.
DOI : 10.1109/Multi-Temp.2017.8035215


Multitemp 2017 @ Bruges : Mapping Tree Species of Forests in Southwest France using Sentinel-2 Image Time Series. [PDF]

Theia seminar 2016 @ Montpellier : Cartographie des végétations particulières au Parc amazonien de Guyane. [PDF]


Qgis French User Meeting @ Montpellier : Présentation de l’outil Historical Map (12-02-2016)


A short lesson to make a qgis plugin given at the National Forestry Office of French Guiana (NFO French Guiana)


2017 : Remote Sensing Lab – In charge of Advanced Python lessons for Remote Sensing (Unit 902_23, 20h)
2017 : Web lab – In charge of the web lessons (Unit 903_2, 22h)
2016 : Projection and georeferencing. (Unit , 8h)


Since 2016 : Python labwork for 6 student groups (Unit MI2-ALGO, 6x2h)

Master’s degree projects

Fulltime supervisor for 6 weeks projects during the Master 2 SIGMA :

Paula Bet, Vigneron Quentin, Image classification : Unmixing with EnMapBox to identify several tree species in one pixel. Co-supervisor : David Sheeren.

Bouvier Romain, Fatou Sylla, Guemdani Wassim, Update and upgrade to new web standards of Sigma Emploi website. Co-supervisors : Claude Monteil, Laurent Jégou, Florent Blaise.

Others projects

Map of Toulouse published in “L’imagination esthétique dans la conception graphique des cartes : proposition de typologie illustrée” by Laurent Jégou