dzetsaka : how to make your first classification in Qgis ?

I just published the plugin dzetsaka : classification tool (github/qgis) on Qgis plugin server. This is a very simple plugin to make a fast but powerful classification. I used it for making numerous classifications of SPOT 5 scenes in the French Guiana Amazon forest.

A project with samples (an old map (map.tif) and ROI (train.shp)) is available on the docs branch. You can download these files directly here.

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How to get rid of “unknown enum QgsMapLayerProxyModel::PluginLayer” in Qgis ?

I was developping a plugin in Qgis with the Combobox layer (QgsMapLayerComboBox) which allows you to show all opened layer in Qgis. It’s a great tool that allows the user to select a raster or a vector easily.
On Ubuntu everything works perfectly, but when I was trying on Windows I always had this error when loading the plugin “error enum : QgsMapLayer”. Read More